Tantra massage

Tantric massage is a full-body treatment that focuses on specific chakras to assist in the movement of energy throughout the body and the arousal of sexual energies. In order to build up waves of energy, the recipient must be completely relaxed, and it is the masseur`s role to truly connect with the person they are massaging and judge how they respond to their touch. It is, if you will, the ultimate release, a chance to let go of all inhibitions, conquer negative boundaries, and become emotionally enlightened and empowered.


Tantric massage differs from conventional massage techniques in that the masseur massages you with their entire body rather than just their hands, which can lead to unprecedented sexual freedom. The donor (the practitioner) and the receiver have no interaction. To comprehend tantra massage and tantra erotic massage, one must first comprehend the distinction between sensual and sexual massage. Because the sexual had a place outside tantra massage and tantra erotic massage, Andro insisted on the sensual. While the neo tantric movement appears to be focused on sexuality, tantra massage and tantra erotic massage appear to be focused on self-discovery.


This is a lesser-known and less-understood doctrine that many practitioners fail to comprehend, partly because of the preoccupation on sexuality and partly because self-discovery requires years of hard work that few people are prepared to invest in when sensuality alone sells. Depending on the venue, what happens during a tantric session at a massage studio or spa center will vary substantially. Tantric massage, in general, entails massaging and stimulating a person`s entire body, including the genitalia, while engaging in breathwork, meditation, and other spiritual or energy practices. The yoni massage (which focuses on the vulva), the lingam massage (which focuses on the penis), and massaging the sacred spot are all examples of tantric massage (aka the prostate). Try and relax!